Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Week #23: Nepal

So I did end up cooking 5 nights this week, I just don't have pictures.  The salad was good but I should have made it in smaller batches so we could've had leftovers. I'm making the pork tenderloin stuff tonight I think.

So Nepal...

The cultural and geographic diversity of Nepal provide ample space for a variety of cuisines based on ethnicity, soil and climate. Nevertheless dal-bhat-tarkari (Nepali: दाल भात तरकारी ) is eaten throughout the country. Dal is a soup made of lentils and spices. It is served over boiled grain, bhat -- usually rice but sometimes another grain -- with vegetable curry, tarkari. Typical condiments are a small amount of extremely spicy chutney (चटनी) or achaar (अचार). These can be made from fresh ingredients, or may be a kind of fermented pickle. The variety of these preparations is staggering, said to number in the thousands. [1]. Other accompaniments may be sliced lemon(kagati) or lime (nibua) and fresh chili peppers, khursani.

I'm doing all crockpot meals this week, to make life easier for myself since I'm generally getting home around 8 or so these days. 
Beer-braised beef
Provencal Beef Stew
Slow Cooker Meatloaf

Sorry this post is so sparse...I started it Sunday and suddenly it's Tuesday so I figured I'd better get it up before it's Friday and irrelevant. 

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