Monday, November 15, 2010

Gnocchi Know

When the recipe came with so many warnings about not making the pasta too squishy or too doughy, it should come as no real surprise that I erred on the side of squishy, which resulted in a mostly edible (when fried), but definitely squishy batch of gnocchi.  It wasn't bad.  I will make it again.  But this was not a perfect first attempt.  I needed more flour, even with only 4 potatoes (instead of the 6 the recipe called for). 

I saw "quartered" and my mind read "cubed".  The potatoes cooked faster this way, and they fit into what I'm calling my potato ricer (which I think it may be, outside of Germany) much better as well.
See, Mom?  Putting it to good use.  :-)
Supposed to be an action shot, but it's hard to squeeze and snap at the same time.  Oh well.
In the end, I browned some butter and fried these puppies up so they'd have at least some redeeming texture to them.  I only used about 2.5 c of flour (the recipe said 2-3 cups), so next time I'll definitely add more.  I have to admit, I've only made dough-based stuff in the past month or so of my life (aside from cookies from the back of the Nestle bag), so I don't have an eye for this yet.  Everyone has to start somewhere, right?
Meanwhile, not in the kitchen...the family is happily fed and passed the heck out on the couch.  Mission accomplished.
Also, we've (ok, mostly I've) started decorating for the holidays.  Shelby was confused, then hissed when I took it off her.  I did this while Nick was out of the house...I'm pretty sure he would have clawed me worse than she would to save her from this shame.  I still can't stop giggling at it.
Kini doesn't like the holidays much, it turns out.  And yes, I got her a hoodie.  She doesn't like it a lot, but it keeps her from scratching herself raw until we can get her to the vet and figure out what she's allergic to (food, not clothing). 

This one may need to be our Christmas card this year.  There are a few expletives in those eyes, huh?  He started running around the house with it on, and Kini thought he'd turned into a moving chew toy so she started chasing him.  I don't think he'll be as docile next time I try to get it on him.

Call it cruelty against animals if you want, but do it with a straight face...I dare you.  :-D

Iraq week started yesterday (I can't even justify the Domino's I had last night, sorry), so the post is coming up.  Might be the end of the day before I get it out, but it'll be worth reading I promise.

Have a happy Monday!


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