Monday, November 1, 2010

Lapse in Posting ~= Lapse in Cooking

Quick update from last week...I stopped posting because I didn't have interesting pictures, but I didn't stop cooking.  Wednesday night we had Greek salad with feta, kalamata olives, fried garlic (this time I used the stuff you get at the olive bar at the super market...the kind marinaded with hot peppers...gave it an extra kick that was delightful), and olive oil/balsamic vinegar.  Yummy but not terribly interesting.  I think  Nick added chicken to his.

Thursday was more browned butter pasta.  Friday we went out.  Saturday we ordered pizza (after 6 hours of cardio, I was in no mood to cook...sorry).  I still haven't been able to find quince OR phyllo dough, but I'll keep looking.  I have all the stuff to make spanakopita, so if I can find phyllo dough before it goes bad, I'll make a batch and freeze it for later.

This coming week is Hungarian week, but I won't post about that yet...gotta do some research and find some recipes, then I'll be back.  Hope everyone had a happy & safe Halloween!

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