Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shopping List

I compiled the recipes for this week into one, long, pink shopping list.  Yikes.  The first three sections are just desserts though, so those are maybe optional.  Maybe. 

Anyway, proof that I'm making headway here, folks.  I won't lie, this week has me thoroughly intimidated.  It's kinda hard cooking things you've never tasted before...I don't even know if the stuff I'm making tastes "right" when I think it tastes good...I'm sure there are some old ladies from The Old Country who'd beat me over the head with a wooden spoon and chase me out of my kitchen for some of these attempts.  Oh well, they're not here to teach me so I'm doing the best I can with the instructions I'm given.  :-) 

Also, you may notice that I'm using no recipes from the medieval cookbook.  It turns out, the recipes were literally translated from what they were in the old days.  Some of the steps included instructions like "this is best done as soon as the herd comes in from the pasture, just before the sun sets".  While they were comically eloquent and very regal in their instructions, I'm not sure I can consider Kini a milkable herd, even if she does graze when we let her outside.  The kitties are definitely unmilkable.  So, while the book was informative and interesting (and I'll read the rest later), it wasn't usable.  There were maybe 2 dozen recipes for the "modern era" in there, and none of them were distinctly Iraqi or appealing.  So there you go. 

Maybe I'll make those cookies later this week and bring them to work next week for the pre-feasting festivities.

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  1. For all left overs please ship them care of James in MD.