Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How fondue you do?

Let me preface this by saying that I am by no means a connoisseuse of fondue.  I've had it maybe a handful of times (none that I can specifically remember actually) and have never actually made it. Now, I'm not really sure why I've never tried.  In fact, why is this not a more popular crockpot potluck party dish? I mean, you whip it up on the stove ahead of time, throw it in a crockpot and set the thing on warm, then stick a bowl of toasted bread next it with a sign that says "No double dipping - forks included" and voila!  Instant class at your potluck.  Not terribly original or time-consuming, but it works!  I guess it is a little expensive...I didn't know Gruyure was so pricey!  Oh well, so worth it.
 Stirring in the flour.  It was still a little lumpy at this point, and even a little afterward too.  Somehow, the magic temperature/consistency coincided with my addition of nutmeg.  Go figure.
 Classy, no?  With no one else to share the bounty, I didn't bother using our brand-new fondue set.  Just one of the forks.  The cheese cooled eventually, but that was the hint I needed to stop maowing down on it anyway.

I used a cheap, box Pinot Grigio for the white wine, and store brand Swiss cheese.  

Also, if you missed it yesterday, I'm doing a CSN stores giveaway this week!  Hop on over to that post, comment, follow, all that jazz! 



  1. what a delicious blog! here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time,

  2. Good for you. I love fondue (although I'm no connoisseur either). And I especially love it with gruyere cheese. You are making me mighty jealous with these pictures.