Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Fear, Julia

Quick confession time again: I've never actually handled a real, full chicken.  Never pulled out the giblets.  Never plucked stray feathers from the skin.  Never.  This picture was a tribute to me conquering another teensy little anxiety...facing the fact that my food was, at one point, running around with its head cut off.  Blech. 

No fear, Julia.

Last night's dinner, in case you couldn't tell, was Pollo con Papas a la Florencia.  Honestly folks, I may never make potatoes any other way again.  Even without chicken, this will always be how I make potatoes - with wine, lemon, olive oil, and garlic.  Nick wasn't convinced that the chicken should be on the favorites list, but he also doesn't like chicken skin.  The skin was the best part, in my opinion...crispy and flavorful and just glorious. 
Wait, you want me to stick WHAT, WHERE???
I felt more than a little obscene doing this, but the end results were worth it.  Sorry, chicken. 
Lookin' yummy!
Browned to perfection.
This was not my plate.  How can you tell?  There's no garlic on this plate.  Have I mentioned my love affair with all things garlic?  I ate every last clove of oven roasted garlic.  Nick didn't kiss me for the rest of the night.  Shocker.  :-D
And, just for kicks, check out my new toy!  I got this with a gift card from the wedding (thanks, Steve & Suka!) and now we have cabinet space again!  Yes, that's a lot of wine glasses.  I have about 2 more boxes full of them floating around as well.  I grew up wine tasting and plan to raise our inevitable children that way too...some of those are from my parents, some of them are ours. 

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