Sunday, January 9, 2011

Garlic-Flavored Flubber

Bet you thought I didn't cook the past 3 nights, huh?  Oh ye of little faith. I just kept forgetting to upload pictures, so I didn't post yet.

Anyway, Thursday night was the konnyaku.  It was...interesting.

 Sort of like dark flubber.  It started wobbly and soft, then when I boiled it, became wobbly and less soft. Weird.
From one package, this was all we got.  The garlic and red pepper helped a lot, as did a healthy sprinkling of sea salt.  But we still ordered pizza.  That's right folks, 12 weeks in and we had our first "Domino's required" night.  Nick made a point of saying that it was for want of quantity, not of quality, but I'm pretty sure this was about all either of us really wanted to eat of this stuff.  Not terrible, just...weird.

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  1. Konnyaku is also very very very low calorie; mostly indigestible fiber. It's kind of a diet-er's food, a whole bowl full of noodles or wobbly tofu like stuff for ~50 calories. Not really a full dinner.