Monday, January 3, 2011

In Which The Asian Grocery Was Closed, Or: How We Invented Sweet Potato Nachos

Full of all the best intentions, courage, and what I hoped would pass for "please help me, I'm new to this" charm, I ventured out on Sunday night to go to my first ever Asian market.  Following Google maps diligently, I arrived at my destination...Closed.  Not closed, like we'll open tomorrow after our hangover dissipates, Closed, like we'll never be open again.

Feeling not unlike a deflated balloon (best intentions makes your chest puff out a bit), I went to make my U turn, when what do I see?  They're not really Closed, they've relocated!  I pull into the new parking lot and...what else...closed.  Just closed this time, not Closed.  Curses.

In an effort to not let the universe foil my attempts at Japanese cooking, I decided to see what Hannaford had as far as Japanese necessities.  They have a lot, but not enough to make anything substantial.  On the way home, I called Nick and we tried to figure out what to do instead.  I had sweet potatoes, he found some ground turkey in the freezer, and I'd picked up some cheese curds.  And with that, sweet potato nachos were born:

The turkey was simply browned, then mixed with Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce to taste.  I baked the potato slices at 400(ish) for about 15 minutes (the slices were thin), then put a little turkey and curd on top of each one and baked for another 5-7 minutes, until the curds were melted.

My. God.  How have we never had this before???  It was SO good!  The second round used Mexican blend cheese instead of curds, and it was ok, but not as good as the first batch.  This is definitely on the "I don't want anything complicated or expensive, let's just have ____" list.  YUM.

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