Thursday, October 7, 2010

Regional Discretion

Wow, this is going to be an interesting year.  Just looking over a couple maps to come up with these regions (and the subsequent quick n dirty Google searches to see if they even *have* traditional food) has granted me a glimpse of foresight into what could be a very enlightening and eye-opening year. 

So first up, here's my list, in alphabetical order.  I've searched the wide webs for blogs about cooking within each general region, preferably with a humanitarian bent to them, and found a few.  I'll likely add more when I come to the actual week.  If you host a blog that writes about one of these regions, feel free to let me know and I'll add you to the list. I'm excited to see how much I'm going to learn this year.
  1. Afghani
  2.  Algerian
  3.  Argentin
  4.  Aruban
  5.  Australian
  6.  Austrian
  7.  Brazilian (right off the bat I see a recipe for Pão de Queijo...I cannot wait for Brazilian week!!)
  8.  Cambodian
  9.  Cuban
  10.  Danish
  11.  Dutch
  12.  Egyptian
  13.  English
  14.  Ethiopian
  15.  French
  16.  German
  17.  Greek
  18.  Hungarian
  19.  Icelandic
  20.  Indian
  21.  Indonesian
  22.  Iranian
  23.  Iraqi
  24.  Irish
  25.  Italian
  26.  Japanese 
  27.  Kenyan
  28.  Korean
  29.  Malaysian
  30.  Mongolian
  31.  Moroccan
  32.  Nepali
  33.  New England
  34.  New Zealand
  35.  Nicaraguan
  36.  Northern Mexican
  37.  Norwegian
  38.  Peruvian
  39.  Polish
  40.  Polynesian
  41.  Portuguese
  42.  Russian
  43.  Scottish
  44.  Sicilian (prepare for all manner of Princess Bride jokes!)
  45.  South African
  46.  Southern America
  47.  Spanish
  48.  Sri Lankan
  49.  Swiss
  50.  Thai
  51.  Turkish
  52.  Vietnamese (I WILL make pho this week!)
Around the G's, I discovered this list as well.  Huzzah!
    I'm also starting a wishlist on Amazon for cookbooks that look interesting/promising.  If you know of a particular book that is especially good for a given region, please let me know!

    In the interest of time, I'm going to post this today and make the command decision that next week is going to be Italian week. I'll make a separate post for the recipe list.

    I've added a calendar to the sidebar, so you can see what week we're on.  Each calendar "appointment" will have all the recipes (or links to them) and the full shopping list (edit at your own discretion) in the description, and you can add it to your own calendar if you'd like to cook along for that week.  Keep an eye out for that calendar to update in the next week or so with the full year's worth of regions!

    Let's get this started!

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