Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Greek Recipe For the Win

Man, I'm starting to wonder why I don't make Greek food more often!  Oy!  Tonight we had the Chicken with Spinach and Feta and Greek Rice...both were awesome!

My first attempt at the rice was a bit of an epic fail:

 Turns out I'm pretty useless without my rice cooker.  I redid the recipe in that and it worked like a charm.  The best part is, the butter (I think) lent it a little something that made the rice on the bottom of the pot crunchy...glorious!

 I made the rice while the chicken was simmering...which was well after the next few pictures.
First, the filling. YUM. Very flavorful.
 I got this sweet new uber-sharp chef's knife as a wedding gift, which I got to use tonight.  Worked like a charm.
 Chicken in the pan.
 Flipped and in the sauce...yummm.
 The sauce end result.  I think I had a lot more residual spinach and such than the author did, but it worked out.
 And, last but not least, the final platter.  You cannot even begin to imagine how glorious this smelled.  I don't know what the calorie content was, but it was wonderful.

I love that we've had chicken and rice from 2 out of three regions...I love that chicken and rice is so universal.

Ok, quick confession time: chef's knives intimidate me.  Thus far, this experiment in international gastronomy has been a series of personal bests in terms of fear-conquering.  Pasta making, chef's knife wielding...next up, I fear, will be conquering my fear of...international supermarkets.  (Insert Halloween screams here.)  That's right folks, I have never been in a foreign food store.  I am get so anxious about foreign language speakers talking about "that dumb white chick" that I talk myself into using something like a normal pear instead of a quince.  To that end, I'm hoping to conquer this fear tomorrow (or maybe Thursday, since tomorrow is a long day) and venture into a real, live, foreign food market.  Wish me luck.

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  1. Hey Kat-nice to meet you, this food looks AWESOME!!!! You should definitely be participating in some recipe swaps, girl. If you want to post your to-do list on mondays at my place, feel free to join up! Nice meeting you, and keep up the great recipes!