Monday, October 11, 2010

Week #1: Italy

Quick mention, in the interest of allowing Jessica to continue with last year's goals, I'm leaving Cross Country Kitchens open but will be posting to this blog, Cross Countries Kitchen (subtle difference, I know) to track the international goal.  If you follow the former blog, please hop on to this blog as well, as this is where I'll be posting for this year.  Thanks!

So!  Italy! What do we know about Italy?  I know when we went there as a kid I got my first memorable sunburn (I remember my parents sitting up feeling really bad that we were in pain and calling us their "lobster babies" which was a lot funnier after the fact).  I know it looks like a boot, and that it got a lot of mention (though I don't recall the details) in my AP European History class in high school.  Wikipedia has some very nice things to say about the modern country, and the name apparently means "land of the young cattle".
Here's a fun picture of the topography: 
I guess I didn't realize that the boot has a fuzzy lining.  Pretty nifty.

But what about the food?

Here are the recipes I've picked for this week:
Homemade Tortellini
Tortellini alla Panna
Lasagna Bolognese
Hand-rolled Lasagna
Mussels and Potatoes
Pumpkin Ravioli

The mussels recipe will change as soon as I hear back from my (very) Italian friend, Sara.  I know the ravioli isn't strictly "classic Italian" per se, but a) I desperately wanted to make my own pasta this week (I'll be doing a little shopping on my way home today to pick up one of these babies...though someday I may splurge on one of these...) and b) it's autumn in New England.  I can't NOT use some form of squash.

This week's shopping list is pending...I'll add it later.

I'm also in the process of starting a TasteBook for this adventure.  I like the layout better than random websites, so in the future I'll be linking to recipes on there, which will reference the site on which I found the recipe. It will be a collection of EVERY recipe we attempt this year, hopefully with ratings and notes as we go.  I've added a link on the sidebar to it, so you can check and search to your heart's content, if you like.  The one upgrade I'd LOVE to see available from that site is a way to generate a shopping list based on recipe selection.

So that's this week!  Who's joining me for this week's adventure?


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