Monday, December 13, 2010

Delayed Gratification

The thing about parties is, invariably you end up with massive amounts of leftovers.  If you do it right.  We did it right.  Not only do we have about 2 cases of beer on the porch, and half a dozen bottles of what looks like wine but might be lambec, but we have extra food that simply didn't need to get made for Saturday night, out the wazoo.  I may have overplanned a bit.  Oops. 

So, rather than waste all the fresh goodies that are in the fridge, I'm going to spend the next few days making leftovers (unfortunately, that may mean a lot of pizza...we have a lot of dough left over) and will either get to Malaysia at the end of the week or bump it to the end of the rotation and hope for better luck in October.  In retrospect, I should have made this week Southern American week, since that's where most of the leftovers are from (thank you, cajun heritage!) anyway.  Alas, poor foresight leads to leftovers once again.  That said, I have high hopes for the pizza.  When I went to Brazil a few years ago, we had this AMAZING mango pizza at some little place on Fernando de Noronha.  Trust me, you want to click that link.  I hope to God I can get back there someday.  It was, hands down, the most idyllically memorable part of that spite of the nasty, second-degree sunburn (over 109 mosquito bites, courtesy of the Amazon and my travel buddy's forgetfulness) I suffered, it was still absolutely incredible.  I'll be looking for some way to reproduce that pizza this week.

Anyway, until we eat our way out of this mountain of leftovers, things won't be so foreign. 

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