Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Week #11: France

It's here!  The week that inspired Julia Child, who inspired Julie Powell, who inspired a movie producer, who inspired me!  Hooray!

First glance through some of the more well-known recipes elicited a response of "wait, go through 10 steps and then cook for another 3 HOURS??"  I mean, seriously, do French people (and Julie Powell) not work??  I can't wait until 9 PM or later to eat, I turn into the Hulk long before then!

So to that end, the dishes I've picked (below) are more of the "relatively quick but still fairly French" variety. One is long, and I might attempt that on Saturday, depending on how Friday night goes.  Don't get your hopes up - my bridesman is coming to new years.

French cuisine is renowned for being one of the finest in the world.[303][304][305][306][307][308][309] French cuisine is extremely diverse and has exerted a major influence on other western cuisines.[310] According to the regions, traditional recipes are differents, the North of the country prefers to use butter as the preferred fat for cooking, whereas olive oil is more commonly used in the South.[311]
Moreover, each region of France has iconic traditional specialities : Cassoulet in the Southwest, Choucroute in Alsace, Quiche in the Lorraine region, Beef bourguignon in the Bourgogne, provençal Tapenade, etc. France's most renowned products are wines,[312] including Champagne, Bordeaux, Bourgogne, and Beaujolais as well as a large variety of different cheeses, such as Camembert, Roquefort and Brie. There are more than 400 different varieties.[313][314]
French cuisine is also regarded as a key element of the quality of life and the attractiveness of France.[291] Michelin guide(a French publication) awarded 620 stars to French restaurants, more than any other country in the world (Italy came second with 255 stars).[315]

That right there is literally all there is in the Cuisine section of the wikipedia article for France.  I feel like that's a little underwhelming, in all honesty. I expected way more than "French food is really really good. And they have cheese.  And wine."  Seriously, wikipedia...kind of a letdown. 



Bear in mind that all of these are meat dishes, so the rest of the meals will consist of veggies and some kind of starch to balance it out.  I'm trying, Mom, I really am.  Tonight, I think we're going for Steak au Poivre.  I've made it before, it's quick and simple, and I have Spin/Pilates back to back beatdown again tonight, so that's what I need.  

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