Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Something Fishy

When I was 3, I'm told we went on a camping trip someplace with some dear friends and fishing was involved.  At some point, my parents (who'd thus far not caught anything) thought it would be a cute photo op to have my dad cast a line, then have me hold his fishing pole and smile.  Then I caught a fish.  Quite by accident, I caught the first, and I think the only, fish of the day.  It fed the kids (all 4 of us) that night.  Go me.

I bring this up because the fish I caught was a trout.  The fish I cooked last night was trout too.  See the connection?  Aren't I clever?  :-) 

Mmmm scaly.
All sliced up.

And now...our first video!  Nearly 5 minutes of watching sugar water boil!  Oh yeah, baby!  In the background, you'll hear some conversation, a little video game playing, and the ticking of the clock telling me when the carrots would be done.  I think.  I didn't actually watch the thing really isn't that exciting.  I mostly wanted to record HOW sugar would brown using this method...was it suddenly?  Slowly?  How long would it take?  It took about 4.5 minutes, and it all happened in the last 30 or so seconds.  But hey, I made the video so I'm going to embed it.  Maybe later I'll add some really epic music to it so it's more interesting. 

The rest of the recipe was pretty easy...throw everything in the pot and let it cook.  The fish was plenty cooked (I didn't remove the skin, FYI), but I think I'd leave it in just a little longer next had some of the flavor of the sauce but not as much as it probably could have been.  I didn't want to overcook the fish (can you do that?) so I erred on the side of "it's falling apart, that's tender enough, let's eat".  It was still pretty good though.
Kini shamelessly helped me clean up the carrot peels that "fell" on the ground.  Later, she went trash surfing and licked up some raw fish.  Yum.  Dogs are gross.

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  1. That is the most salmon-esque trout I've ever seen. Whoa ;)

    Also, it's VERY possible to overcook fish. Gentle gentle gentle, especially when poaching.