Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Steak au Poivre and the Cookie Dough Incident

Last night after work, I went to this new gym that I'm trying to get a job instructing at...I love that they're so much more effective at teaching, but man...their spin classes leave me wobbly every time.  Blech.

In any case, that's the precursor to the first picture. 

 I have a thing for cookie dough...don't judge.  Desperate times call for desperate blood sugar was so low driving home last night that I literally had to eat this on my way home or I would have DIED.  Seriously folks, it was an emergency. 
 Moving on.  Steak au poivre.  Love this stuff.  So simple to make, so quick, so yummy.  I used Angus shoulder steaks I think...ones marked for braising.  They were delish. 
 Boiling down the heavy cream sauce. Yum yum yum.  I used cheap white box wine instead of cognac, mostly because we wouldn't have drunk the cognac.
 I wanted to make carrots, but they would have taken an hour to make the way I like them (baked), so we just had mashed sweet potatoes and fococcia.  Which is not a word apparently. 

In any case, the steak was wonderful.  This has to be the simplest, quickest French recipe out there. 

Coming up tonight, in addition to dinner, I've decided to attempt making fudge for the neighbors who snow blowed our driveway. Any suggestions?

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  1. LOL - doesn't that defeat the purpose of the spinning class? I've never heard of somebody breaking into cookie dough while in the car. Love it!