Thursday, December 9, 2010

When You Say "Grill" You Really Mean "Broil", Right?

...because it is just too d@mn cold out to be firing up the grill, I'm sorry.  Add to that the fact that firing up the broiler makes the house warmer inside, well...sorry grill, but it's a losing battle. 

Instead of grilling the eggplant and scallops like last night's recipe requested, I broiled them.  Less smokey taste, more feeling in my fingers and toes.  It wasn't bad.  It's funny, everything this week has been combinations of thing that aren't foreign (excepting maybe the fish sauce), they're just combined in new ways.  For example, I never would have thought to marinade scallops in soy sauce and garlic.  Yum! 

Broiled veggies.  The eggplant was better than expected, but still...eggplanty.
Sauteed green onions.
Fried up some leftover rice from the night before, added a little soy sauce and fish sauce for flavor.
Broiled scallops and onions.  Yum.
The presentation.  Overall, it was good.  Not a favorite, but we didn't need to order pizza either.  :-)  I'm sure Nick will be glad when this week is more fish recipe for tonight, then it's his turn to provide food!  :-)

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