Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shopping, Fried Rice, and Bodily Harm

Last night, I went into battle, steel raised and rebel yell...yelling.  (To this day, I always think of John Travolta in Michael, about to head-butt a raging bull when I think the word "battle".) 

First battle, the grocery store.  My foe:
Utterly slaughtered.  Did all that in under an hour AND less than $175.  That's groceries for a whole week, including a party on Saturday. 
Next battle: making dinner.  I think this one might've been a mild defeat, at least with the utensils.  I tried to be lazy and use the nifty new mandolin my mom had gotten me last year sometime, and found it had a french fry setting.  I needed to chop an onion so I figured what's the worst that could happen?  Thank God I'm lazy.  If I had just decided to do slices instead of fries, the whole side of my hand would be missing right now.  Yikes. 
I was so wrapped up in battling the rest of the meal that I forgot to take pictures until it was nearly done.  This was REALLY good.  Very simple, not a lot of spices or anything, but a lot of flavor.  It made a LOT, which is great for leftovers.  I picked out the shrimp as best I could in an act that was only mildly altruistic, since I love shrimp just about as much as Nick hates it.  Yum. He missed out on this one...it was delish.
And the final battle of the night...the puppy.  Not really a battle, but there was some wrestling that happened.  She's so special.

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